Seterra Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Seterra is flexible, allowing you to interact with and share quizzes in many ways. Here's a list of settings, options, and techniques that will help you optimize Seterra and improve how you share quizzes.

Restarting the Game

The quickest way to restart the game is by pressing Alt+R on your keyboard.

Seeing the Exact Time

The in-game timer is always rounded off to whole seconds. If you want to see the exact time, you can hover over the time in the dialog box that appears when you have finished a game.

Permanent Labels in Learn Mode

When you click a country in the game mode "Learn", you will see a label with the country name which slowly fades away. If you prefer seeing a permanent (non-fading) name label, you can use double click instead of single click.

Keyboard Tricks in Type and Multiple Choice Mode

When in Type or Multiple Choice mode, you can move the text / button box up and down by using the arrow keys, and to the left and right by using Ctrl+Arrow keys. This is useful if the box is covering vital information.

Enabling the Voice Option by Default

If you want to have the voice turned on by default, add ?voice=1 to the URL. (Please note that this will only work with games that have a Voice checkbox below the map).

Example: the US States game with voice: /seterra/en/vgp/3003?voice=1.

Hiding the Flags

Some map games display flags in the top right corner and on the cursor label. Users have reported that this can hurt the performance of the game. Others want to hide the flags because they're using Seterra map games to learn a foreign language and the flag gives away too much information. If you want to hide the flags, add ?noflags=1 to the URL.

Example: the Europe: Countries game with no flags: /seterra/en/vgp/3007?noflags=1.

Hiding the Timer

Some people get stressed out by seeing the timer ticking. You can hide it by adding the following to the URL: ?notimer=1

Example: the Europe: Countries game with no timer: /seterra/en/vgp/3007?notimer=1.

Hiding the Cursor Label

Some users have experienced poor game performance when the cursor text "Click on X" displays during game play. You can hide it by using an URL parameter: ?nocursor=1

Example: the Africa:Countries game with no cursor label: /seterra/en/vgp/3163?nocursor=1.

Wider Game Area

Flag games that have many flags are easier to run if you make the game area wider before you start the game. Use the keyboard shortcut alt+w several times to widen the game area, and use alt+q if you want to return to a more narrow format.

Seeing the Next Location

Do you think you can play even faster if you know the next question? Try the URL parameter ?shownext=1

Example: the Africa:Countries game with the next question shown: /seterra/en/vgp/3163?shownext=1.

Clicking Faster

Some Seterra speedrunners find that the map games in Pin or Pin Hard mode run faster if a click is registered when the mouse button is pressed instead of when it is released. Use the URL parameter fastclick=1 to set the clicks to be registered on mouse press. Example: /seterra/en/vgp/3007?fastclick=1

When using fastclick, zoom is disabled by default. To enable zoom with fastclick, use ?fastclick=1&zoom=1.

Game Variation: Hoverclick

Hoverclick is a variation of the Pin game mode. It works the same way as Pin, except every country you hover your mouse over will automatically be clicked! It takes both luck and skill to get 100% in this game mode! To use this game mode, add ?hoverclick=1 to the URL. Example: /seterra/en/vgp/3007?hoverclick=1

Linking Directly to a Specific Game Mode

If you want a specific game mode to be pre-selected when you load a game, you can do that by creating a custom quiz. However, some people prefer to do it by manipulating the URL, according to this pattern:

The game Europe: Countries in Learn mode

The game Europe: Countries in Multiple Choice mode

The game Europe: Countries in Pin mode (default)

The game Europe: Countries in Pin hard mode

The game Europe: Countries in Place the labels mode

The game Europe: Countries in Place the flags mode

The game Europe: Countries in Type (easy) mode

The game Europe: Countries in Type (with autocomplete) mode

The game Europe: Countries in Type mode

Using Several URL Parameters

If you want to use more than one URL parameter at the same time, use "?" before the first one, and "&" before the others. Example: /seterra/en/vgp/3007?shownext=1&notimer=1&noflags=1

Using URL Parameters with Custom Quizzes

If you want to add a URL parameter to a custom quiz, add it to the end of the URL with the & symbol instead of the ? Symbol; so, &voice=1, for example, instead of ?voice=1.

A custom game with Voice turned on by default: