Africa geography games

The African continent is 11,725,385 sq mi in area but can be separated into just three main geographic zones—coastal plains, the plateau regions, and the Atlas range in the north. Seterra has a collection of engaging geography quizzes that will help you learn the African countries, capitals, flags, and more.

Map Games

Map Games (Individual Countries)

From Tunisia in the north to Lesotho in the south, there are a lot of details about Africa to memorize. By providing quizzes about the entire continent and other quizzes that cover specific countries and regions, this collection lets you focus on just the part of Africa you’re interested in, and all the map quizzes are customizable. There are also quizzes on African flags, a multiple-choice quiz on the capitals, a quiz on Africa’s physical features, and printable study materials. Use this collection of engaging study aids and let Seterra help you learn everything you need to know about African geography.

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