Personal High Score Lists on the Seterra Website

Do you want to track your progress on the Seterra website, the same way as you can in the app? Try the new highscore feature in Seterra!

The new feature is available to those who support Seterra. Become a supporter and you get an ad-free version of Seterra Online, and your own personal high score lists!

Two simple steps to get your own high score lists on Seterra Online:

1. Get GeoGuessr Pro

2. Visit and click the "Log in" link in the header. Use your Patreon username and password to log in and try the new features!

The new features

When you are logged in, your top five scores for each game will be displayed below the map. Also, in the games list, the top score for each game is displayed as a small colored square.

A high score list below each game

A colored box before each played game displays the top percentage.

Thanks for supporting the development of Seterra!