Where does Santa Claus Live?

December 11th, 2019

Santa Claus at Home

We all know about Santa Claus' famous workshop. It's where he makes his list (and checks it twice), comes up with innovative toy-delivery logistics, and cracks the whip if workshop production lags.

But does Santa live in the same location as the workshop? Maybe he commutes to work—but from where?

We've scoured the globe, checking some of the most likely places, and hitting several dead-ends. For example, Christmas Island seemed like a lock, but there's no evidence that Mr. Claus has a home on that remote speck of land in the middle of the Indian Ocean. (Whether or not a certain bunny lives on Easter Island is another matter entirely!)

This article will run down a few of the most likely Santa Claus hometowns around the world.

Uummannaq, Greenland


Danish and Greenlandic children of all ages are positive that Santa Claus' home is in Spraglebugten Bay, which is located on the western part of the island of Uummannaq, in Greenland. It's the site of a long-standing rustic shack called Santa's Castle. The novelty was constructed for a Danish television show, but its popularity as a tourist destination lends some credence to the notion that this is Santa's home.

Drøbak, Norway

Julehuset in Drøbak, with sacks of children's letters to Santa

Drøbak, in Norway, is the location of a popular year-round Christmas shop called Julehuset. It is not uncommon for children's letters to Santa to be delivered to Drøbak.

By that measure, Santa may live in a town called Santa Claus, Indiana; many letters addressed to Saint Nick are delivered there too. It should be noted that the United States Postal Service recommends that letters to Santa be sent to North Pole, Alaska, ZIP code 99705.

Sign for the city of Santa Claus, Indiana, United States of America

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Santa's office in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

The people of Finland insist that Santa lives in their country, just outside of Rovaniemi. That's where they erected Santa Claus Village, a Christmas theme park. Finnish culture typically represents Santa Claus as coming from Lapland, and each year, tourists travel to Rovaniemi from all over the world to meet Santa.

Demre, Turkey

A statue of St. Nicholas in Demre, Turkey

This next potential Santa abode is not so much a home as a final resting place.

If you believe in Santa, stop reading now.

Archaeologists in Turkey are sure they have located the tomb of the original Saint Nicholas. Found under his namesake church, the intact tomb is in the Demre district of Turkey's south-west province, Antalya. This is where the real Saint Nicholas is believed to have lived during the 4th Century.

The truth is, Santa will always live in the hearts and minds of hopeful children all over the globe. Reveling in his legend is a bright tradition that unifies people of many cultures and reminds us all to embrace the giving spirt of Christmas.