Frequently Asked Questions, Classroom Use and Remote Learning


This FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions about using Seterra in the classroom or for remote learning.

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Can I use the Seterra website in the classroom or for remote learning without getting a Seterra membership?

Yes, you definitely can. You can let your students use the standard quizzes on the website for free, of course. You can also create custom quizzes, and email the links to your students, even if you don't have an account. However, you will not be able to add custom locations or leaderboards to your quizzes, and the quizzes will be deleted when not used by anyone for 30 days.

Do I need to get an account for each of my students so that they can log in to the site?

No. When Seterra is used in schools or for remote learning, the students are generally not logged in. By simply sharing a link with them, you can provide access to your custom quizzes and let students enter their scores on your public leaderboards.

How can I create a custom quiz and send it to my students?

The fastest way to learn about creating and distributing custom quizzes is to watch this video:

>> Creating custom quizzes in Seterra (YouTube video)

You do not need a Seterra membership to be able to create custom quizzes.

How can I add custom locations to my quizzes?

We created a short video explaining how to add custom locations to custom quizzes:

>> Adding custom locations in Seterra (YouTube video)

You need a Seterra membership in order to be able to create custom locations.

How can I add a public leaderboard to my quiz?

Adding a leaderboard to a custom quiz is a fun way to let kids compete against each other, and is a great fit for remote learning. Read more about in the article linked below:

>> Adding public leaderboards to custom quizzes in Seterra (article)

You need a Seterra membership in order to be able to add a public leaderboard. The students using the quiz do not need to be logged in.

Can my students use the Seterra app instead of the Seterra website?

For remote learning, it is probably easier if everyone uses the website ( The site works well on smartphones and tablets. While it is possible to import custom quizzes to the app, some capabilities offered on the website will not be available; for example, app users won't be able to enter their scores on the public leaderboards.

I have a Seterra membership. Where can I find all the custom quizzes that I have created?

When logged in to the Seterra website, click your email address in the top right corner, or click this link.

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