New Feature: Add Custom Locations

March 8, 2019

Youtube tutorial: add a custom location

A new Seterra feature has been launched: Add custom locations!

If you're a Seterra supporter, you can now add Custom Locations anywhere on a map! In any of our map quizzes, you can add the locations you want, replacing some or all of the default locations with your own. You'll end up with the ultimate personalized quiz!

Adding a few extra cities to the Austria cities quiz. You can test the resulting quiz here.

If you want to delete some of your custom locations, or add even more locations to your customized quiz, just click "Create custom quiz" again, and you will be able to make any modifications you wish.

Please note that, when you create a custom quiz, anyone you send the link to will be able to use it. They don't have to be Seterra supporters.

The new Custom Locations feature is currently available in all map quizzes. If you cannot find a suitable base map, try our library of extra maps (most of them physical maps): Extra blank maps to build custom quizzes.