Quiz Leaderboard Can Now Hide Students' Identity

The development team at Seterra has gotten feedback from some teachers who have privacy concerns about posting students’ names on quiz leaderboards. In response, we have added a new feature to the leaderboard functionality. When creating a custom quiz, you now have the option to make the leaderboard that appears below the game anonymized.

This means that all letters in the nicknames will be replaced by "-", so for example "John Smith" will be displayed as "----------" on the leaderboard.

Students will still be able to see the 100 best scores, but they will not be able to see the name (nickname value) of the student associated with each score.

The quiz creator will still have access to the names on the leaderboard. In "My custom quizzes", the "Scores" link will navigate to a report that includes all scores posted for the quiz, along with the associated nicknames in plain text.

We have also increased the maximum number of letters in a nickname from 8 to 12.

To add a leaderboard to a quiz and take advantage of this new feature, you’ll need a membership.