拉丁美洲:国家 - Map Quiz Game

  • 乌拉圭
  • 危地马拉
  • 厄瓜多尔
  • 古巴
  • 哥伦比亚
  • 哥斯达黎加
  • 墨西哥
  • 多米尼加共和国
  • 委内瑞拉
  • 尼加拉瓜
  • 巴拉圭
  • 巴拿马
  • 巴西
  • 智利
  • 法属圭亚那
  • 洪都拉斯
  • 海地
  • 玻利维亚
  • 秘鲁
  • 萨尔瓦多
  • 阿根廷
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There are 23 countries that are considered to be part of Latin America. Brazil and Mexico dominate the map because of their large size, and they dominate culturally as well because of their large populations and political influence in the region. Although Guyana and Suriname are firmly on mainland South America, they are often excluded from the Latin America designation because the cultures in those two countries is less influenced by Latin countries like Spain or Brazil.

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