Australia: Physical Features - Erdkunde-Quiz

  • Bass Strait
  • Coral Sea
  • Darling Range
  • Darling River
  • Flinders River
  • Gascoyne River
  • Gibson Desert
  • Great Artesian Basin
  • Great Australian Bight
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Great Dividing Range
  • Great Sandy Desert
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Hamersley Range
  • Indian Ocean
  • Kimberley Plateau
  • Little Sandy Desert
  • McDonnell Ranges
  • Murray River
  • Nullarbor Plain
  • Tanami Desert
  • Tasman Sea
  • Tasmania
  • Torres Strait
  • Victoria River
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To outsiders, Australia consists of a few cities, something called the Outback, and not much else. In reality, it is a place so large and unique that the outsider view does not begin to describe its physical diversity. From north to south the country is 3,200 kilometers long, with a tropical climate in the north and a temperate climate in the south. In between, a series of mountain ranges, rivers, and deserts make one of the world’s most unique landscapes.

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