Argentina: provincijos - Map Quiz Game

  • Buenos Airės
  • Chuchujus
  • Entre Riosas
  • Formosa
  • Katamarka
  • Kordoba
  • Korientesas
  • La Pampa
  • La Riocha
  • Mendosa
  • Misionesas
  • Neukenas
  • Rio Negras
  • Salta
  • San Chuanas
  • San Luisas
  • Santa Fė
  • Santa Kruzas
  • Santjago del Esteras
  • Tukumanas
  • Ugnies žemė
  • Čiakas
  • Čiubutas
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Here’s a bit of geography trivia for you: Argentina has 23 provinces and one federal capital district. Now try to find them on a map! If that seems like a tall order, improve your geography knowledge with this map quiz game. See how many tries it takes you to get 20 out of 23 correct!

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