Australië: Vlaggen - Flag Quiz Game

  • Australisch Hoofdstedelijk Territorium
  • Christmas eiland
  • Cocoseilanden
  • Nieuw-Zuid-Wales
  • Noordelijk Territorium
  • Norfolk
  • Queensland
  • Tasmanië
  • Victoria
  • West-Australië
  • Zuid-Australië
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Here's a quiz that challenges you to identify Australian territorial flags. If you know a shrike when you see one, you'll ID the Flag of South Australia with ease. A red lion graces the flag of Tasmania, while Western Australia's flag features a black swan. The five stars of the Southern Cross, as seen on the Australian flag, make numerous appearances on these territorial flags. By collecting facts about different parts of Australia and working with this flag quiz, you can memorize the Australian territorial flags with ease!

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