दक्षिणी अमेरिका: शहर - Map Quiz Game

  • कराकस
  • काली
  • कीटो
  • कुरीटीबा
  • कोर्डोबा
  • ग्वायाक्विल
  • फॉर्टालेज़ा
  • बेलो होरीज़ोंटे
  • बोगोता
  • ब्रासिलिया
  • ब्वेनस आइरिज़
  • मनाउस
  • मेडेलिन
  • मेराकाइबो
  • मोंटेवीडियो
  • रीयो डी जनेरो
  • रेसीफे
  • लिमा
  • सांओ पाउलो
  • साल्वाडोर
  • सेंटियागो डी चिली
  • सैंटा क्रूज़ डी ला सिएरा
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By population, four of the ten largest cities in South America are in Brazil, with Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro standing out as two of the largest. While those two cities have international name recognition, it is easy to overlook the fact that Lima, Peru and Bogota, Colombia are also among the top three largest cities on the continent. Although not as large as those cities, over one-third of Uruguay’s population lives in Montevideo alone.

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