ደቡብ አሜሪካ፡ ዋና ከተማዎች - Map Quiz Game

  • ሊማ
  • ሞንቴቪዲዮ
  • ሱክሬ
  • ሳንቲያጎ ደ ቼሊ
  • ቡዌነስ አይረስ
  • ብራዚሊያ
  • ቦጎታ
  • አሱንሲዮን
  • ኩዊቶ
  • ካራካስ
  • ጆርጅታውን
  • ፓራማሪቦ
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Quick! What’s the capital of Brazil? If you said Rio or Sao Paolo, you need to take this free map quiz now! Increase your geography knowledge with this fun teaching tool and become geography bee champion in no time.

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