Tschechien: Regionen - Map Quiz Game

  • Aussiger Region
  • Hauptstadt Prag
  • Karlsbader Region
  • Königgrätzer Region
  • Mittelböhmische Region
  • Mährisch-Schlesische Region
  • Olmützer Region
  • Pardubitzer Region
  • Pilsner Region
  • Region Hochland
  • Reichenberger Region
  • Südböhmische Region
  • Südmährische Region
  • Zliner Region
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The Czech Republic has 13 regions and a capital city region. You probably heard of some of them, like Prague and South Bohemia, but are probably less familiar with the others. If that is the case, you should study up with this geography game and vastly increase your level of geography trivia. By the end, you will be captain of the Geography Club!

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