南非:城市 - Map Quiz Game

  • 东伦敦
  • 布隆方丹
  • 开普敦
  • 彼得马里茨堡
  • 德班
  • 格贝哈(伊丽莎白港)
  • 比勒陀利亚
  • 波罗克瓦尼
  • 约翰内斯堡
  • 金伯利
  • 韦尔科姆
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Many people learned about the cities in South Africa because of the 2010 World Cup of soccer. From Cape Town to Pietersburg, viewers the world over familiarized themselves with the map of South Africa cities. Do you remember where any of them were? This geography quiz game should jog your memory!

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