埃及:旗 - Flag Quiz Game

  • 亚历山大
  • 伊斯梅利亚
  • 凯娜
  • 加尔比亚
  • 北西奈
  • 南西奈
  • 卡夫尔谢赫
  • 卡留比亚
  • 卢克索
  • 吉萨
  • 塞得港
  • 开罗
  • 新谷
  • 明亚
  • 沙迦
  • 法尤姆
  • 索哈格
  • 红海
  • 苏伊士
  • 莫努菲亚
  • 贝尼苏夫
  • 贝海拉
  • 达卡利亚
  • 达米埃塔
  • 阿斯尤特
  • 阿斯旺
  • 马特鲁
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Egypt is divided into 27 governorates, each with its own flag, and this quiz game will make it easy to memorize them. All the flags take a strong departure from the red, white, and black motif of Egypt's national flag. For example, the flag of the Aswan Governorate, blue and yellow, depicts the awesome Aswan High Dam, the world's largest embankment dam. These flags use regional iconography to reflect the unique role each governate plays in the culture and history of Egypt. By collecting facts about Egypt and working with this quiz, you can commit all 27 flags to memory in no time!

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