አፍሪካ፡ ካርታዎች (ቀላል አይነት) - Flag Quiz Game

  • ማላዊ
  • ማደጋስካር
  • ሞሮኮ
  • ሞዛምቢክ
  • ርዋንዳ
  • ሱዳን
  • ሶማሊያ
  • ቱኒዚያ
  • ታንዛኒያ
  • ኒጀር
  • ናይጄሪያ
  • አልጄሪያ
  • አንጎላ
  • አይቮሪ ኮስት
  • ኢትዮጵያ
  • ካሜሮን
  • ኬንያ
  • ዚምባብዌ
  • ዛምቢያ
  • የኮንጎ ዴሞክራቲክ ሪፐብሊክ
  • ዩጋንዳ
  • ደቡብ አፍሪካ
  • ጋና
  • ግብጽ
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Recognizing 24 of the most well-known African flags doesn’t have to be hard! This flag quiz game is a quick way to memorize African flags. Morocco’s flag and Tunisia’s flag both feature a star, and both have a red background. Knowing that Tunisia’s flag also sports a red crescent can help you keep them straight! This engaging geography study aid will make it easy for you to nail down details like that and learn these African flags quickly!

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