Ukraine : les régions - Map Quiz Game

  • Crimée
  • Kiev
  • Oblast de Dnipropetrovsk
  • Oblast de Donetsk
  • Oblast de Jytomyr
  • Oblast de Kharkiv
  • Oblast de Kherson
  • Oblast de Khmelnitski
  • Oblast de Kiev
  • Oblast de Kirovohrad
  • Oblast de Louhansk
  • Oblast de Lviv
  • Oblast de Mykolaïv
  • Oblast de Poltava
  • Oblast de Rivne
  • Oblast de Soumy
  • Oblast de Tcherkassy
  • Oblast de Tchernihiv
  • Oblast de Tchernivtsi
  • Oblast de Ternopil
  • Oblast de Transcarpatie
  • Oblast de Vinnitsa
  • Oblast de Volhynie
  • Oblast de Zaporijjia
  • Oblast d’Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Oblast d’Odessa
  • Sébastopol
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Ukraine has 27 regions: 24 oblasts, one autonomous republic, and two "cities with special status". Since the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in March 2014, Ukraine's control of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol is disputed.Although Kyiv is the country’s capital and largest city, the largest oblast is Donetsk, with a population of over 4 million. Neighboring Dnipropetrovsk is second with a population of over 3 million, and is also the second largest by area. That should make it easier to find on the map!

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