意大利:地区 - Map Quiz Game

  • 伦巴第
  • 利古里亚
  • 卡拉布里亚
  • 坎帕尼亚
  • 威尼托
  • 巴西利卡塔
  • 弗留利-威尼斯朱利亚
  • 托斯卡纳
  • 拉齐奥
  • 撒丁岛
  • 普利亚
  • 特伦蒂诺-上阿迪杰
  • 瓦莱达奥斯塔
  • 皮埃蒙特
  • 翁布里亚
  • 艾米利亚-罗马涅
  • 莫利塞
  • 西西里岛
  • 阿布鲁佐
  • 马尔凯
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Italy did not become a united country until 1870. Before that, there were various autonomous regions, and to this day many Italians still strongly identify with those regions. From picturesque Tuscany to rugged Sicily, you will learn all of Italy’s regions by taking this geography quiz. If you do not get them all on the first try, play this free map quiz game again.

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