Швейцарія: Кантони - Map Quiz Game

  • Ааргау
  • Аппенцелль-Іннерроден
  • Аппенцелль-Аусерроден
  • Базель-Ландшафт
  • Базель-Штадт
  • Берн
  • Вале
  • Во
  • Гларус
  • Граубюнден
  • Женеа
  • Золотурн
  • Люцерн
  • Невшатель
  • Нідвальден
  • Обвальден
  • Санкт-Галлен
  • Тургау
  • Тічино
  • Урі
  • Фрібург
  • Цуґ
  • Цюрих
  • Шаффхаузен
  • Швіц
  • Юра
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Switzerland contains 26 cantons, which are something like states. Each canton has its own government, legislation, constitution, and courts, much as the states do in the United States. Because of its mountainous terrain, the borders can a little odd, but you can use these distinctions to your advantage as you are trying to study for a geography quiz. This map quiz game will help you learn the cantons with more precision than a Swiss watch.

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