Болівія: Департаменти - Harita Test Oyunları

  • Бені
  • Кочабамба
  • Ла-Пас
  • Оруро
  • Пандо
  • Потосі
  • Санта-Крус
  • Таріха
  • Чукісака
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The cosmopolitan city of Santa Cruz shares a name with its department and is home to the Guembe Biocenter, which contains the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary. In the department of La Paz you’ll find Salar De Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. You can use this map quiz game to explore all the departments of Bolivia. Outside Sucre, the capital of the Chuquisaca department, lies Cal Orcko, a limestone cliff where footprints of eight species of dinosaurs have been uncovered. See if you can find Chuquisaca on the map and start your journey into the fascinating country of Bolivia.

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