坦桑尼亚:区 - Aardrijkskunde Spelletjes

  • 乞力马扎罗
  • 伊林加
  • 卡塔维
  • 卡格拉
  • 坦卡
  • 基戈马
  • 塔博拉
  • 多多马
  • 奔巴北部
  • 奔巴南部
  • 姆万扎
  • 姆特瓦拉
  • 姆贝亚
  • 恩琼贝
  • 普瓦尼
  • 松圭
  • 林迪
  • 桑给巴尔北部
  • 桑给巴尔南部
  • 桑给巴尔西部
  • 欣延加
  • 盖塔
  • 莫洛戈罗
  • 辛达
  • 达累斯萨拉姆
  • 锡米尤
  • 阿鲁沙
  • 马尼亚拉
  • 马拉
  • 鲁伍马
  • 鲁科瓦
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Tanzania is divided into 31 regions, and this quiz game will help you memorize them all. Picking up a few facts about Tanzania will help too. For example, the region of Kilimanjaro is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. The Kagera region is located in Tanzania's northwestern corner on the western shore of Lake Victoria. If you commit a few details to memory and work with this map quiz, you'll be able to identify all 31 regions of Tanzania in no time.

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