적도 남쪽 아프리카: 국가 - Aardrijkskunde Spelletjes

  • 가봉
  • 나미비아
  • 남아프리카공화국
  • 레소토
  • 르완다
  • 마다가스카르
  • 말라위
  • 모잠비크
  • 보츠와나
  • 부룬디
  • 앙골라
  • 에스와티니
  • 우간다
  • 잠비아
  • 적도기니
  • 짐바브웨
  • 케냐
  • 콩고 공화국
  • 콩고 민주 공화국
  • 탄자니아
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The equator is a convenient way to divide up the African continent and make it easier to learn the countries. African geography facts for most people are hard to come by. You can improve your knowledge about Africa by playing this map quiz game. Once you have gone through the game a few times, you should be able to get all of them correct.

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