Katar: Gemeinden - Map Quiz Game

  • Ad-Daʿayan
  • Al-Wakra
  • Ar-Rayyan
  • Asch-Schahaniyya
  • Asch-Schamal
  • Doha
  • Umm Salal
  • al-Chaur
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Can you identify these 8 municipalities of Qatar? This quiz game will make it easy. In 2014, the city of Al-Shahaniya split from Al Rayyan Municipality to form its own municipality. That was one of several splits and mergers that occurred over the next year, and since 2015, Qatar has had the 8 municipalities it has today. Al Shamal is home to Madinat ash Shamal, one of Qatar's major cities. Al Rayyan, in its northeast section, is dominated by a large city of the same name, while the rest of the municipality is a sprawling area of undeveloped lands located to the southwest. By collecting facts about Qatar and working with this map quiz, you can memorize the countries 8 municipalities with ease!

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