斯里兰卡:省 - Map Quiz Game

  • 东部省
  • 中北部省
  • 中部省
  • 乌瓦
  • 北部省
  • 南部省
  • 萨巴拉加穆瓦
  • 西北部省
  • 西部省
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Can you identify all nine provinces of Sri Lanka? This quiz game will make it easy and learning a few facts about Sri Lanka will help too. The provinces are first-level administrative divisions that were established by the British rulers of Ceylon in 1833. Over time, the designations became ceremonial, but in 1987, the provinces were given more official status as government divisions; the Constitution of Sri Lanka was amended to establish provincial councils. If you're familiar with cardinal directions, most of these provinces will be easy to locate, and you can find Sabaragamuwa and Uva near the southern part of the island. With this map quiz, it'll be easy to memorize the provinces of Sri Lanka!

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