Caribe: Capitales - Map Quiz Game

  • Basseterre
  • Bridgetown
  • Castries
  • Kingston
  • Kingstown
  • La Habana
  • Nasáu
  • Puerto España
  • Puerto Príncipe
  • Roseau
  • Saint George
  • Saint John
  • Santo Domingo
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Here's a map quiz that challenges you to identify 13 capitals of the Caribbean. Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is also the country's most populous city. Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and has more people than any other Caribbean metropolitan area. Bridgetown lies on the southwestern coast of Barbados. There are interesting things about all these capital cities—if you commit a few details to memory and work with this map quiz, you'll be able to identify these 13 Caribbean capitals in no time.

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