Shqipëria: Qarqet e Shqipërisë - Map Quiz Game

  • Qarku i Beratit
  • Qarku i Dibrës
  • Qarku i Dibrës
  • Qarku i Elbasanit
  • Qarku i Fierit
  • Qarku i Gjirokastrës
  • Qarku i Korçës
  • Qarku i Kukësit
  • Qarku i Lezhës
  • Qarku i Shkodrës
  • Qarku i Tiranës
  • Qarku i Vlorës
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Albania is divided into 12 counties each with its own council and administration that manages internal economic, social, and cultural affairs. This quiz game can help you memorize them. Tirana, Albania's capital city, is known for its colorful pastel buildings, vestiges of architecture dating back to the period of Ottoman rule in the 15th century. The south coast of Albania—think Vlorë county— is known for its pristine beaches. Elbasan is home to a second century BC trading post called Mansio Scampa, one of the most important routes of the Roman Empire. There are interesting facts like that about all the Albanian counties, and this map quiz game can help you memorize them all!

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