意大利:地区首府 - Map Quiz Game

  • 佛罗伦萨
  • 佩鲁贾
  • 博洛尼亚
  • 卡利亚里
  • 卡坦扎罗
  • 坎波巴索
  • 奥斯塔
  • 威尼斯
  • 安科纳
  • 巴勒莫
  • 巴里
  • 拉奎拉
  • 波坦察
  • 热那亚
  • 特伦托
  • 的里雅斯特
  • 米兰
  • 罗马
  • 那不勒斯
  • 都灵
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Italy has a fascinating geographical history. It wasn't until 1870 that Italy became a united country. For centuries it was divided into autonomous regions that still hold great significance for many Italians. Each of those regions is graced with a capital city that captures the culture of the area. From Florence, the picturesque capital of Tuscany, to Palermo, the jewel of rugged Sicily, this quiz game will help you learn all the regional capitals of Italy. With some practice, you'll ace this quiz on Italian regional capitals!

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