捷克共和国(捷克):城市 - Map Quiz Game

  • 乌斯蒂纳拉本
  • 伊赫拉瓦
  • 俄斯特拉发
  • 兹林
  • 利贝雷茨
  • 卡尔斯巴德
  • 奥洛穆茨
  • 布尔诺
  • 布拉格
  • 帕尔杜比采
  • 捷克布杰约维采
  • 比尔森
  • 赫拉德茨·克拉洛韦
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The Czech Republic is packed with old-world charm, with its major cities showcasing ancient castles, churches, cathedrals, and bridges. This map quiz will help you locate Czechia's 13 largest cities. Brno is home to St. Thomas's Abbey, where Gregor Mendel explored the undiscovered frontier of genetics with his experiments on pea plants. A visit to parts of Prague, Czechia's capital and largest city, is like traveling back in time; the Jewish Quarter of the city dates back to the 10th century, the Vyšehrad Fort was built around the same time, and the famous Charles Bridge dates back to 1402. Use this quiz game to locate Brno, Prague, and all the major cities of Czechia.

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