老挝:省 - Map Quiz Game

  • 万象
  • 万象市
  • 丰沙里
  • 乌多姆赛
  • 公河
  • 华潘
  • 博利坎赛
  • 博胶
  • 占巴塞
  • 川圹
  • 沙拉湾
  • 沙湾拿吉
  • 沙耶武里
  • 琅勃拉邦
  • 琅南塔
  • 甘蒙
  • 赛宋奔
  • 阿速坡
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In the province of Champasak Si Phan Don, which means “4,000 islands,” you’ll find the largest series of falls and rapids in Southeast Asia, including the Khone Phapheng falls, which span almost 6 miles! Phonsavan, the capital of the Xieng Khouang province, is home to a mysterious site featuring ancient sandstone jars that date back to the Iron Age (500 BC – AD 500). The jars were most likely part of local burial rituals. Laos is full of fascinating features that you can explore, and this map quiz game will help you locate the country’s 17 provinces. The mineral rich mountains of Laos have been mined since the 11th century, containing gold, sapphire, amethyst, and aquamarine. See if you can find the Laos province of Savannakhet—it’s home to one of the largest gold mines in the world!

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