Сальвадор: Департаменти - Map Quiz Game

  • Ауачапан
  • Кабаньяс
  • Кускатлан
  • Ла-Лібертад
  • Ла-Пас
  • Ла-Уніон
  • Морасан
  • Сан-Вісенте
  • Сан-Мігель
  • Сан-Сальвадор
  • Санта-Ана
  • Сонсонате
  • Усулутан
  • Чалатенанго
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Cerro El Pital, a mountain partially located in the El Salvador department of Chalatenango, is one of the most visited places in El Salvador. Uniquely situated in a cloud forest, the mountain is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. This map quiz game will help you identify Chalatenango on a map, along with the other 13 El Salvador departments. The department of San Salvador is home to El Salvador’s capital city of the same name. Facts like that can really help you learn all 14 departments of El Salvador. Find a few interesting facts on your own, then use this engaging geography study aid to become an expert on the departments of El Salvador!

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