世界:半岛 - Map Quiz Game

  • 下加利福尼亚半岛
  • 中南半岛
  • 亚平宁半岛
  • 伊比利亚半岛
  • 佛罗里达州
  • 克里米亚
  • 南极半岛
  • 堪察加半岛
  • 尤卡坦半岛
  • 巴尔干
  • 德干半岛
  • 拉布拉多半岛
  • 斯堪的纳维亚半岛
  • 日德兰
  • 朝鲜半岛
  • 科拉半岛
  • 约克角半岛
  • 西奈半岛
  • 阿拉伯半岛
  • 阿拉斯加半岛
  • 非洲之角
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Peninsulas are some of the most recognizable features on the map. Surrounded on three sides by water, they jut out from the mainland and make distinct shapes. Some peninsulas like Florida, the Apennine, and the Iberian help us easily find some countries or states on a map. Others like the Antarctic or the Aleutian are less well known but highly recognizable just the same. See how many you can identify!

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