世界:G20成员国,各国首都 - Map Quiz Game

  • 东京
  • 伦敦
  • 利雅得
  • 北京
  • 华盛顿特区
  • 堪培拉
  • 墨西哥城
  • 安卡拉
  • 巴西利亚
  • 巴黎
  • 布宜诺斯艾利斯
  • 新德里
  • 柏林
  • 比勒陀利亚
  • 渥太华
  • 罗马
  • 莫斯科
  • 雅加达
  • 首尔
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Since the G-20 is made up of the world’s largest economies, the capital cities of its members are familiar names to even a casual geographer. Places like Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, and Washington DC are likely easy to find. In addition to being the global hubs of finance and communication, these are also some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. They are not, however, always the largest cities in the world. Many of the world’s largest cities like Manila and Karachi are located in lower income, developing countries, or are not capital cities at all, like New York and Shanghai.

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