САЩ: щатски столици в Средния запад - Map Quiz Game

  • Бисмарк
  • Де Мойн
  • Джеферсън Сити
  • Индианаполис
  • Кълъмбъс
  • Лансинг
  • Линкълн
  • Медисън
  • Пиер
  • Сейнт Пол
  • Спрингфийлд
  • Топека
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From Columbus, Ohio to Bismarck, North Dakota, the capital cities of the Midwestern states cover a distance of nearly 2,000 kilometers. By passing this quiz you will realize that well-known Midwestern cities like Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit are not the capital cities of their respective states. Instead, you should be able to find Springfield, Jefferson City, and Lansing.

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