瑞士:城市 - Map Quiz Game

  • 伯尔尼
  • 卢加诺
  • 图恩
  • 圣加仑
  • 巴塞尔
  • 库尔
  • 弗莱堡
  • 拉绍德封
  • 日内瓦
  • 比尔/比恩
  • 沙夫豪森
  • 洛桑
  • 温特图尔
  • 琉森
  • 纳沙泰尔
  • 苏黎世
  • 锡永
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Switzerland is famously neutral, but its cities are some of the most important centers for international politics and commerce in the world. Genève is one of the most important centers of governance in the United Nations, and Zurich is one of the world’s premier banking centers. Since the interior of the country is so rugged, most of the cities are on the border with nearby countries or on the shores of Alpine lakes.

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