Австрія: Міста - Map Quiz Game

  • Іннсбрук
  • Брегенц
  • Вельс
  • Вольфсберг
  • Відень
  • Вінер-Нойштадт
  • Дорнбірн
  • Зальцбург
  • Клагенфурт-ам-Вертерзе
  • Кремс-ан-дер-Донау
  • Леобен
  • Лінц
  • Санкт-Пельтен
  • Фельдкірх
  • Філлах
  • Штайр
  • Ґрац
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In terms of Western European countries, Austria is not especially urbanized. Although two out of three people live in an urban area, that rate is greater than nine out of ten in Holland and Belgium. Vienna is a classic example of a primate city. With a population of over 1.8 million, it is larger than the next thirty cities combined. Graz, the next largest city, is considerably smaller with a population of just over a quarter of a million.

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