葡萄牙:地区 - Map Quiz Game

  • 圣塔伦
  • 埃武拉
  • 塞图巴尔
  • 布兰科堡
  • 布拉加
  • 布拉干萨
  • 法鲁
  • 波塔莱格雷
  • 波尔图
  • 瓜达
  • 科英布拉
  • 维亚纳堡
  • 维塞乌
  • 维拉雷亚尔
  • 莱里亚
  • 贝雅
  • 里斯本
  • 阿威罗
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Here is a fun geography fact for you: Portugal produces over half of all the world’s cork, a large percentage of which ends up in wine bottles. The districts of Beja and Évora are especially important for cork production, but can you locate them on a map. This map quiz game will help you answer than question in the affirmative. It is a great geography study aid if you are trying to learn more about Portugal and its districts.

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