丹麦:城市 - Map Quiz Game

  • 兰德斯
  • 哥本哈根
  • 埃斯比约
  • 奥尔堡
  • 奥胡斯
  • 威勒
  • 尼柯宾
  • 斯卡恩
  • 欧登塞
  • 海宁
  • 科瑟
  • 罗斯基勒
  • 罗讷
  • 赫尔辛格
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After Copenhagen, most people’s knowledge of Denmark’s cities is pretty weak. Copenhagen, being just across the bay from Sweden, is easy enough to find. If you want to be Geography Bee champion, however, you need to know more than just the capital city. This map quiz game will put you on the path to greatness and seriously add to the number of geography facts you know.

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