Xitoy: Provinsiyalar (Makau va Taivandan tashqari) - Map Quiz Game

  • Anxoy
  • Chjetszyan
  • Chunsin
  • Futszyan
  • Gansu
  • Girin
  • Guandun
  • Guansi-Chjuan muxtor rayoni
  • Guychjou
  • Ichki Mongoliya
  • Lyaonin
  • Ninsya-Xuey muxtor rayoni
  • Pekin
  • Shandun
  • Shansi
  • Shanxay
  • Shensi
  • Shinjon (Uyg'ur muxtor rayoni)
  • Sichuan
  • Sinxay
  • Sizang (Tibet muxtor rayoni)
  • Syangan (Gonkong)
  • Szyansi
  • Szyansu
  • Tyantszin
  • Xaynan
  • Xebey
  • Xenan
  • Xeylunszyan
  • Xubey
  • Xunan
  • Yunnan
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China has 32 provincial level administrative units. Some are well known outside of China, like Hong Kong and Beijing, while others are not. Learning all of them is a daunting task, but this free map quiz game is here to help. After you take this geography quiz a couple of times, you will find that it is far easier to keep all the names and locations straight.

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