比利时:省 - Map Quiz Game

  • 东佛兰德斯
  • 佛兰芒布拉班特
  • 列日
  • 卢森堡公国
  • 埃诺
  • 安特卫普
  • 布鲁塞尔
  • 林堡
  • 瓦隆布拉班特
  • 西佛兰德斯
  • 那慕尔
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Belgium has ten provinces: five in the Dutch speaking section of the north and five in the French speaking section of the south. Luxembourg is the largest province by area and the smallest population by size, but it should not be confused with the neighboring country of the same name; they have been separate from each other since 1839. Which other provinces do you know?

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