Polonia: Voivodati - Map Quiz Game

  • Voivodato della Bassa Slesia
  • Voivodato della Cuiavia-Pomerania
  • Voivodato della Grande Polonia
  • Voivodato della Masovia
  • Voivodato della Piccola Polonia
  • Voivodato della Podlachia
  • Voivodato della Pomerania
  • Voivodato della Pomerania Occidentale
  • Voivodato della Precarpazia
  • Voivodato della Santacroce
  • Voivodato della Slesia
  • Voivodato della Varmia-Masuria
  • Voivodato di Lublino
  • Voivodato di Lubusz
  • Voivodato di Opole
  • Voivodato di Łódź
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Poland’s population is the 6th highest in the European Union, thanks in large part to having the largest households. That population is spread out among 16 voivodeships, or provinces. If you don’t know Polish, some of the names can be a mouthful, but learning their location on a map is easier with this free map quiz game. After a few tries, I’m confident you will be able to get them all right!

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