Mountains & Seas (7th Grade Wo - Map Quiz Game

  • Alpe
  • Andes
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • Atlas Mountains
  • Golf van Mexiko
  • Himalajas
  • Japanse See (Oossee)
  • Karibbiese See
  • Kaspiese See
  • Mediterreense See
  • Oeral Gebergtes
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Swartsee

At its most basic level, geographic knowledge includes being able to identify the most prominent physical features of the world. For centuries people have found ways to live in and around the world’s great rivers, mountain ranges, and deserts, giving us the unique cultures that we still have today. This quiz will give you a strong foundation in where those features are and help you learn more about the world we all share.

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