索马里:区 - Jogo de Mapa

  • 加尔古杜德
  • 努加尔
  • 奥达尔
  • 巴库尔
  • 巴纳迪尔
  • 巴里
  • 希兰
  • 托吉尔
  • 朱巴达胡斯
  • 朱巴达赫克斯
  • 沃奇依盖比德
  • 湾区
  • 盖多
  • 穆杜格
  • 索尔
  • 莎贝拉哈斯
  • 莎贝拉赫克斯
  • 萨那格
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Somalia is made up of 6 states divided into 18 administrative regions. This quiz game will help you identify all 18 regions. If you know the states of Somalia, the state-region relationship may help. For example, the state of Jubaland contains the regions Jubbada Dhexe and Jubbada Hoose. The region of Galguduud is in Galmudug state in central Somalia. To learn other regions, pick up a memorable fact or two about each one, like the Hiran region being one of Somalia's breadbaskets, or that Woqooyi Galbeed is especially important to Somalia because of its ports. This map quiz will help you become an expert on the regions of Somalia!

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