아프리카: 도시 - Aardrijkskunde Spelletjes

  • 나이로비
  • 니아메
  • 다르에스살람
  • 다카르
  • 더반
  • 라고스
  • 루안다
  • 모가디슈
  • 아디스 아바바
  • 아비장
  • 아크라
  • 알렉산드리아
  • 알제
  • 요하네스버그
  • 이바단
  • 카노
  • 카사블랑카
  • 카이로
  • 캄팔라
  • 케이프타운
  • 킨샤사
  • 트리폴리
  • 프레토리아
  • 하라레
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By global measures, Africa is the least urbanized continent in the world. Currently, less than half of all Africans live in cities, compared to 80 percent of Europeans and North Americans. However, Africa is also the most rapidly urbanizing continent in the world, and is expected to become over 50 percent urban in the next decade. Despite still being mostly rural, there are more than 60 cities on the African continent with a population of over one million. With over 20 million people, Lagos, Nigeria is the largest, followed closely by Cairo, Egypt.

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