Senegal: Regionen - Map Quiz Game

  • Dakar
  • Diourbel
  • Fatick
  • Kaffrine
  • Kaolack
  • Kolda
  • Kédougou
  • Louga
  • Matam
  • Saint-Louis
  • Sédhiou
  • Tambacounda
  • Thiès
  • Ziguinchor

Senegal is divided into 14 regions, and this quiz game will help you memorize them. Picking up a few Senegal facts will help too, for example, did you know that each region is named for its capital city. The Dakar Region is the smallest and most populated. The Kaolack region features Kaolack city, a port on the Saloum River. The Matam region, a flat, dry part of the country in the northeast, is bordered to the south by the Sahelian plain. There are interesting facts about Senegal that will aid you in memorizing the country's regions, and this map quiz will help make you an expert in no time.

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