Αφρική: Πόλεις - Map Quiz Game

  • Άκκρα
  • Αλγέρι
  • Αλεξανδρεία
  • Αμπιτζάν
  • Αντίς Αμπέμπα
  • Γιοχάνεσμπουργκ
  • Ιμπαντάν
  • Κάιρο
  • Κάνο
  • Κέιπ Τάουν
  • Καζαμπλάνκα
  • Καμπάλα
  • Κινσάσα
  • Λάγος
  • Λουάντα
  • Μογκαντίσου
  • Ναϊρόμπι
  • Νιαμέι
  • Ντάρμπαν
  • Ντακάρ
  • Νταρ Ες Σαλάμ
  • Πρετόρια
  • Τρίπολη
  • Χαράρε

By global measures, Africa is the least urbanized continent in the world. Currently, less than half of all Africans live in cities, compared to 80 percent of Europeans and North Americans. However, Africa is also the most rapidly urbanizing continent in the world, and is expected to become over 50 percent urban in the next decade. Despite still being mostly rural, there are more than 60 cities on the African continent with a population of over one million. With over 20 million people, Lagos, Nigeria is the largest, followed closely by Cairo, Egypt.

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