Das Flaggenalphabet (Zahlenwimpel) - Flag Quiz Game

  • 0 (Nadazero)
  • 1 (Unaone)
  • 2 (Bissotwo)
  • 3 (Terrathree)
  • 4 (Kartefour)
  • 5 (Pantafive)
  • 6 (Soxisix)
  • 7 (Setteseven)
  • 8 (Oktoeight)
  • 9 (Novenine)
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Ships use International Maritime Signal Flags to communicate, and these number flags are often part of the message. With only ten flags to memorize, this quiz should be as easy as 1-2-3. Associate each flag's color combo and design with its assigned number—some will be easier than others. The 3 flag is the only one with three colors. The 4 flag and the 8 flag have the same design with reversed colors. Check out these designs and work with this quiz game—you'll be an expert on signal flags in no time!

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