韓国:旗 - Flag Quiz Game

  • ソウル
  • 世宗
  • 京畿道
  • 仁川
  • 光州
  • 全羅北道
  • 全羅南道
  • 北忠清道
  • 北慶尚北道
  • 南忠清道
  • 大田
  • 大邱
  • 慶尚南道
  • 江原道
  • 済州
  • 蔚山
  • 釜山
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Here's a flag quiz that challenges your knowledge of South Korean provinces. Provincial division of South Korea is varied in that it includes special cities like Jeju and Seoul, territorial provinces, and metropolitan regions. In the same way, the provincial flags vary greatly, each featuring unique iconography that represents its province. Icons from the South Korean national flag, the highly symbolic trigrams, and the red and blue taegeuk do not appear in the flags of South Korea's provinces. Nevertheless, each flag has a distinct image that will aid your memory, and this quiz game will help you become an expert in no time!

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