Punased, rohelised, mustad ja valged lipud - Flag Quiz Game

  • Araabia Ühendemiraadid
  • Iraak
  • Jordaania
  • Kenya
  • Kuveit
  • Liibüa
  • Lääne-Sahara
  • Palestiina
  • Sudaan
  • Süüria
  • Wales
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In this quiz, your challenge is to identify flags featuring red, green, black, and white. Several of these flags are from Islamic countries, with two using the common moon icon, symbology representing Diana Goddess of the Hunt. The Masai shield and spears featured on the flag of Kenya represents the defense of freedom. There are interesting details about each of these flags. If you commit a few details to memory and work with this quiz, you'll be able to identify all these red, green, black, and white with ease!

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