蓝色和白色旗帜 - Flag Quiz Game

  • 以色列
  • 博茨瓦纳
  • 危地马拉
  • 圣马力诺
  • 密克罗尼西亚联邦
  • 尼加拉瓜
  • 希腊
  • 洪都拉斯
  • 爱沙尼亚
  • 索马里
  • 芬兰
  • 苏格兰
  • 萨尔瓦多
  • 阿根廷
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Here's a quiz that challenges you to identify flags featuring blue and white. In El Salvador’s flag, the white represents solidarity and peace in the world, the blue represents the sky and the two oceans surrounding Central America. The flag of Finland uses white to represent snow and blue to symbolize the countries numerous lakes. If you learn about the meaning behind this color combination and the icons used in these designs, you'll be able to identify these blue and white flags easily!

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